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About Me


I’ve been a filmmaker since I was 10 years old.

People are always amazed when they hear this is something I’ve been passionate about for so long, but its the absolute truth. I was immersed in the world of video at a very young age. My dad always had a camera around, and he was always making things with it. So there was this idea that anything was possible with the power of video and film that was ingrained within, in my early years.

One afternoon, my mom convinced us to check out Star Wars: A New Hope from the library to go home and watch it. My first reaction to the DVD cover was, “this looks stupid”. But Star Wars is the reason I am where I am. After watching that one movie, I was convinced from that point onward that I wanted to be able to film and create worlds for people to enjoy and learn from. Just like George Lucas did. From that point on, my brother and I were shooting Star Wars videos in our backyard and in our room, using our imagination to create.

I’ve held on to that childish dream since then and it has propelled me into this massive world of filmmaking where not only anything is possible, but your impact is immeasurable. I’ve filmed weddings, worked for my former university, done short films, commercials, etc. They’ve all come from that 10 year old’s dream.

So if you want to know anything about me and why I pursue this thing called filmmaking, it’s because deep inside, I’m still that 10 year old kid. Chasing a dream.